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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Anyone who ever hears the word ‘promotion’ will be curious on what best deals they could get without burning a hole in their wallet. As the end of year is coming close, there will be a lot of promotion sales organized in shopping malls and retail outlets. ZALORA also is not missing their chance to offer valuable customers an amazing deal on the brands offered in their website. Within only a few days’ time, customers will enjoy a wonderful ‘Online Fever’ sales event which is happening on the 12th December 2014. You can browse through the items such as apparels, shoes, accessories, bags and more offered with discounted price. Save up your salary balance from last month and go crazy shopping online during this promotion sales event.

The Online Fever 12/12 event is to give you a chance to grab all your desired fashion items with attractive promotions from our participating brands. As the Christmas and New Year celebration is coming around the corner, it is the perfect time for you to purchase some new additional items to revamp your wardrobe. Besides that, you could also purchase some fashion items as a Christmas gift to give your friends and family at a bargain price. Feast your eyes on the wide range of fashion and beauty products on sale on this spectacular event.

ZALORA’s Online Fever Event will definitely raise the excitement for you to enjoy the attractive deals. No longer have you to push through crowds to experience amazing sales event as you could participate in the sales online at ZALORA. ZALORA brings an opportunity for you to get your power up snatching all the exciting deals without even getting up from your seat. You could shop online at work, your home or even a café without draining half of your energy. So set your calendar and inform everyone you know on ZALORA’s Online Fever promotions today!

So, lets grab this opportunity right away guys. Do not miss it. Save your time and save your travelling cost :)

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Friday, November 14, 2014

:: 3 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress ::

1. Change it by:

- Make team discussion.
- Plan your work systematically.
- Manage your time efficiently.
- Do communicate effectively.

2. Avoid it by:

- Avoid hardworking too much.
- Know your limit.
- Avoid do something above your limit.
- Do your work by grouping.

3. Increase Your Immunization by:

- Keep a healthy lifestyle.
- Rest your mind.
- Always pray.
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

:: Bocor lagi ::

Dah sudah..
Khabarnya ada kertas UPSR tahun ni bocor..
Bocor soalan periksa ni bukan perkara baharu dah..

Sudah-sudahlah bocorkan kertas peperiksaan..
Bawa banyak masalah kepada banyak pihak..
Cubalah ringankan beban sekalian manusia..

Hidup ni berusahalah sedikit..
Siapa yang usaha dia pasti dapat lebih..
Kan Tuhan dah janji Dia xkan ubah nasib sesuatu kaum kecuali kaum tu sendiri yang usaha untuk berubah..

Mane ade orang mula hidup terus jadi bos..
Mule hidup terus jadi kaye..
Mule hidup terus dapat badan cantik..

Semua tu hadir dengan usaha..
Memang mungkin kau lahir dalam family kaya tapi disebabkan generasi sebelum kau yang menyebabkan kau hidup dalam keluarga yang kaya..
Mohon appreciate legasi keluarge kau dan terus bawa pembaharuan dan kemajuan dalam keluarga..

Barulah hidup akan terus menerus gemilang..
Ini awal-awal dah malas susahlah..
Pasti kemudian hari akan dilanda banyak masalah Nau'zubillah..

p/s: sedarlah wahai kaum adam.
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